Frequently Ask Questions

Peektop is an online earning platform in Nigeria. We basically specialized in generating web traffic datas for interested companies partnering with us and other listed services on our about page. with as little as the amount of 10,000, you can join the community and get back your profit at the end of the month, you can check the post on our official Instagram @peektop_ltd

Peektop pays you to do what you normally do freely. Peektop pays you to like posts and make comments,By performing these activities everyday you earn with your profit and the end of the month depending on the plan you suscirbed to.

To create an account simply click the "Account icon " on the welcome page and pass the registration form correctly. Make sure you provide a valid email address which peektop will request for account activation to enable you join the community.

Profitability depends on the investment plan you have chosen. We offer 6 groups of investment plans with different specialization and investment terms.

The program does not provide any commission fees, additional and / or hidden charges. You pay only the fees charge by your bank and withdrawing payment fees

To deposit on peektop mobile, simply click the Deposit icon on the welcome page, fill the amount and click the deposit button, you will be provided an account to complete your transaction with the deposit instructions to enable the funds get to your wallet successfully

To subscribe to a plan, simply click on the subscribe icon on the welcome page, select the plan you wish to subscribe to and submit. If everything is validated correctly. you will get a success message and the system will redirect you to your investment page where you keep track of all your investment/earnings.

To withdraw on peektop mobile is quite simple, click on the withdraw icon on the welcome page, input your bank details correctly and submit, funds will be credited to your wallet within the hours provided to you.

Our affiliate program gives each of our members a chance to earn commission from all direct referrals.